Advancing learning outcomes and promoting equity in education

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Helping Education is a nonprofit organization located in North Carolina. Through collaborative partnerships, we provide programs and services that meaningfully advance learning outcomes for students from birth through adulthood. These programs and services are evidence-based, easy to use, and free or low cost.

To promote educational equity, we focus our efforts on partnering with educators and community organizations that serve a high percentage of students who are economically marginalized and/or perform below adequate levels in core academic skills.

Helping Education is committed to improving educational equity because inequitable education contributes to systems of oppression, poverty, and other undesirable circumstances that unfairly harm individuals, communities, and a collective society.

Although Helping Education is based in the United States, we support communities and educators throughout the world.

Who we partner with:

  • Individuals such as teachers, parents, university researchers, and any other community members who want to improve students’ education from birth through adulthood
  • Leaders working within schools, school districts, after-school programs, summer learning programs, educational nonprofits, and any organization that strives to improve student learning from birth through adulthood

What we value:

  • Equity in

  • Authentic Collaboration

  • Evidence for Effectiveness

  • Accessibility

  • Merging Research with Practice

Honoring Heather McDonald

In 2021, Helping Education created a memorial fund to honor a dedicated educator, Heather McDonald.  Each year we offer a HELPS training in her honor and work to expand access to support more teachers and students. Click here to watch a video message from her husband, Brian McDonald.

To learn more about Heather and join our efforts click here!

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