Our Programs

Our suite of evidence-based programs creates meaningful outcomes for students, transforming learning environments and allowing them to build new trajectories for themselves and their families.

HELPS One-on-One

(Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies)

Empowering students with an evidence-based literacy curriculum in a one-on-one setting.

Our HELPS 1:1 program equips students with literacy fundamentals in an individual setting. Students build reading fluency and confidence by working with an adult who adheres to a research-validated literacy curriculum. This approach has proven to be one of the most successful systems for improving students’ literacy skills. Because HELPS is structured and scripted, adults can be easily trained to implement this program.

HELPS for Small Groups

Building learners’ confidence with literacy interventions in a small, collaborative group.

Our HELPS for Small Groups program supports elementary-aged students using instructional groups of two to five students to develop literacy skills. Educators follow a scripted curriculum that is effective and adaptable to various settings: during or after school, in-person or remotely. Because running a group requires some student management skills, adults with some experience with school-aged children are best suited to teaching small groups.


Enriching children's reading experiences by strengthening adult literacy skills.

This literacy program incorporates 29 research-supported lessons that empower parents/caregivers to boost their own and their children’s literacy skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These proven lessons enhance students’ vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking by encouraging parents to connect with children using both stories and their own experiences.

Story Exploring

Transforming the reading experience within classrooms and home environments.

This interactive training equips educators with a diverse curriculum, enhancing the read-aloud experience in classrooms and homes. With over 100 multicultural children’s books, it fosters language, reading, and critical thinking skills from infancy through 5th grade. Each session includes a take-home Story Extender, promoting literacy-rich environments and supporting creative thinking, problem-solving, and reading fluency.

Become a Volunteer

With the right teacher and curriculum, a student’s progress can finally click into place. We equip volunteers with the skills and resources to offer students engaging, effective instruction that leads to measurable outcomes.