Accelerating Mathematics Performance with Practice Strategies for Small Groups (AMPPS-SG) Program

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More than 60% of U.S. students struggle in mathematics and need more effective interventions to assist them with meeting grade-level expectations. Teachers and math researchers generally agree that the goal of intervention for elementary-school students who struggle in mathematics is to master whole number knowledge, which is a critical area that not only predicts performance on higher-level math skills throughout later schooling but is also associated with positive outcomes in adulthood.

Discussions with math educators over the past decade consistently suggest that teachers need additional support and resources to improve their students’ procedural fluency and conceptual understanding with whole number operations. Small group, versus one-on-one, instruction may also be particularly advantageous for teachers that have limited time or supplemental classroom assistance. These needs and considerations led to the development of the AMPPS-SG Program.

The primary goal of AMPPS-SG is to improve students’ whole numbers knowledge by targeting three core areas: (a) numeracy, (b) operations, and (c) word problem solving. 

As is described in more detail below, AMPPS-SG is:

  • Supported by rigorous research
  • Appropriate for elementary school students and older learners
  • Easy to access
  • Feasible to use (for example, professional educators and other adults can implement it effectively and time-efficiently)

The AMPPS Curriculum is divided into 8 units, with each unit focusing on a specific skill. For example, units include Addition with Sums 0 to 10 (Unit A), Subtraction with Minuends 0 to 10 (Unit B), Complex Addition of Three One-Digit Numbers (Unit E), and Complex Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping (Unit H). Units are arranged hierarchically according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative in Mathematics (CCSSI-M) in order to account for key prerequisite skills. Each unit is comprised of 3 lessons. Additional units covering Multiplication and Division are forthcoming. 

Research Supporting the AMPPS-SG Program

AMPPS-SG is evidence-based because all of the instructional and motivational components of the program have been widely shown in past studies to effectively improve students’ math abilities.

Even more important, AMPPS-SG is research-validated because there have been multiple rigorous evaluations of AMPPS-SG documenting its efficacy with students for whom the program is intended. These evaluations have been published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and those interested in learning more about AMPPS-SG research and effectiveness should contact us.

Accessing the AMPPS-SG Materials

The main materials for the AMPPS-SG Program include an Instructor’s Manual, Implementation Protocols, and Instructional Materials. The Manual is required for learning how to implement all aspects of the program. The Implementation Protocols outline each step of an AMPPS-SG session, including implementation flow charts, activity descriptions, and key information for the instructor. The Instructional Materials include materials that are necessary to implement an AMPPS-SG session, such as flashcards, number lines, ten frames, story problems, and progress monitoring activity sheets.

For this reason, we are offering online AMPPS-SG training workshops and attendees of those workshops will receive the downloadable Implementation Protocols and Instructional Materials for free. Alternatively, if requested, workshop attendees can receive a print-version of the Implementation Protocols and Instructional Materials at a discounted cost. Please see the Training section below to learn more and register for a low-cost AMPPS-SG training.

Training for AMPSS-SG Program

Low-Cost Workshops

The primary focus of AMPPS-SG trainings is to show educators how to successfully implement the program and to answer all questions. Also, attendees will have opportunities to practice implementing AMPPS-SG while our expert trainers provide feedback and support.

Do-it-Yourself Training

As described above, we anticipated providing the AMPPS-SG Instructor’s Manual and AMPPS-SG Training Video for free, downloadable access in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our ability to complete these training materials. Once the Instructor’s Manual and Training Video are completed, they will be available on this website so that teachers have the option for do-it-yourself training. Until then, we encourage those interested in AMPPS-SG to attend one of our training workshops in order to learn the program and access all needed implementation materials.

Other Ways to use AMPPS

Frequently Asked Questions About AMPPS-SG

Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered on this page or you simply want to talk with one of our HELPS experts.