Our Team

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Gia Paige

Director of Community Engagement and Implementation

Gia is a staunch advocate for communities across Charlotte, North Carolina, and uses her passion for community to impact justice through education initiatives implemented by nonprofits. For over 20 years, Gia has worked in the education space in the administrative offices as well as in schools in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and in the city, she has called home for over 12 years, Charlotte, North Carolina. Gia has an affection for the Queen City because this is the place where she has raised her family and established deep community roots.

Gia served a year of AmeriCorps inside of one of Charlotte’s Title I Schools. She volunteered as a reading and math tutor and has served as a school leader for both reading and math intervention programs supporting students in Title I schools who are six-months to two years behind grade level math and reading skills. Mrs. Paige, as she is known to students, parents, and colleagues across Charlotte, is a graduate of the Charlotte Civic Leadership Academy where she expanded her leadership capacity by participating in a three-month intensive leadership experience that prepares citizens to pursue leadership opportunities from public office to grassroots advocacy.