Our Team

Stephanie White

Tutor Manager, Chatham County

Stephanie White is excited to have recently joined the Helping Education staff team in Chatham County, NC. She first got involved as a HELPS volunteer in the fall of 2018.

She’s been married to Alan for 17 years and they live in Apex with their three middle school boys. Prior to staying home to raise her children, Stephanie worked as a librarian in corporate and college libraries including MIT and Olin College. She earned an ALB in natural sciences from Harvard University, and she received a MSLS from Simmons University Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

In recent years, she’s spent her time volunteering in many settings, including scouting, religious education, kids’ sports, PTA, and school. One of her favorite volunteer roles involved creating a Reading Room for the elementary grades at Woods Charter School as well as running their Read-a-thon for the last 7 years. She loves seeing the spark in kids eyes when they share with her how much they’ve read or when they tell her about the books they’ve enjoyed.

In her free time, Stephanie likes reading, swimming, scrapbooking, and volunteering in her community. All children deserve a chance to reach their potential, and reading is key to that success. Stephanie is glad to be a part of making a difference in her community using Helping Education resources and programs.