Trane Technologies Foundation Awards Helping Education Grant to Improve Literacy for Students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

From Staff Reports

(June 8, 2023)

RALEIGH, N.C. (June 8th, 2023) -- Today Helping Education announces its new $50,000 grant award from the Trane Technologies Charitable Foundation to support HELPS (Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies) tutoring in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). This award from the Trane Technologies Charitable Foundation will help CMS elementary school students build core foundational literacy skills and strengthen their confidence in reading. Over the next year HELPS tutoring sessions will be provided in one-on-one or small group settings (groups of 2 - 5 students). Funding allows for the implementation of the research-supported program with high levels of fidelity,  ongoing follow up support and training to tutors, and strengthened relationships with school partners and families.

“We are deeply grateful for Trane Technologies’ exemplary partnership to support CMS students, educators, and families,” said Erin Banks, Chief Impact Officer at Helping Education. “Over the past two years, Trane Technologies employees have worked individually with elementary school students, through weekly HELPS tutoring sessions. The investment Trane Technologies has made in our community, both in terms of monetary support and in-kind talent, is monumental in building the community students need to achieve long term success in school and life.”

Since Fall 2018, Helping Education has provided HELPS to thousands of CMS students—and documented significant growth in students’ reading. Most notably, based on reading assessments collected during the 2021-2022 school year more than 70% of CMS students who received HELPS exceeded national norms. This impact is particularly notable because one recent study found that the typical evidence-based literacy program shows significant improvement for only 3-14% of students who receive the program (Click here for more details.)

Providing HELPS in CMS is critical, as reading proficiency is essential to achieving long-term academic and life success. Research has shown that one highly effective way to address COVID-related learning loss is providing high impact tutoring. HELPS is one such program, designed with frequent and easy to implement 20-30 minute sessions, which improves reading fluency, confidence in reading, and reading comprehension. This next year presents a critical opportunity to provide access to high-quality, evidence-based programs and strategies that students need not only for short-term recovery from COVID 19-related learning loss, but to build the academic foundation that will lead to long-term success through high-school and beyond. The Trane Technologies Foundation grant will undergird this critical effort.

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About Trane Technologies Charitable Foundation

The Trane Technologies Foundation is a philanthropic 501(c)3 established and funded by the company to act as its primary philanthropic vehicle. As such, its focus is on developing non-profit relationships that specifically advance its corporate strategy, Sustainable Futures, which is to uplift students currently underrepresented in STEM careers by providing access to healthy learning environments, STEM/sustainability education, and pathways to careers.

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About Helping Education

With a stated mission to improve educational equity and promote a more just society, Helping Education provides evidence-based programs and services that are free or low-cost and meaningfully advance student learning. The nonprofit offers several evidence-based programs and services that are designed to support educators, families, and communities; improve student learning; and address educational inequities. Their programs and services improve children's reading and math skills, adult literacy, support family literacy practices in the home and outside of school, bridge meaningful connections between parents/caregivers and schools, integrate highly-trained volunteers into school improvement models, and connect K-12 schools and universities to collaboratively address critical needs in education. For more information visit