Staff Spotlight: Anam Lodhi


Staff Spotlight: Anam Lodhi
K-12 Deputy Director, Raleigh


As part of her work as director, Anam oversees the coordination and implementation of our HELPS reading fluency program in supporting K-12 students in the Wake County area.

Anam was drawn to Helping Education because of our commitment to improving educational outcomes for students. She is driven by a desire to make a change in the lives of young learners and cites the platform Helping Education has provided as an avenue for accomplishing this on a larger scale.

When asked about some of the highlights of her time with Helping Education, Anam named the successful implementation of HELPS projects. She described witnessing the growth and tangible improvements in educational outcomes for teachers, students, and community members as “incredibly rewarding.” The opportunity to engage with the community, being recognized for the team’s efforts, and seeing the tangible impact of Helping Education’s work also emerged as a standout of her time with the organization. Alongside the incredible work Anam has been involved with, like projects WakeTogether and Friends of Wake, her time with Helping Education has led to personal and professional growth.

Her development as an educator and leader has been supported by collaborating with a diverse team, learning from experts in the field, and navigating challenges. For Anam, the greatest highlight of her time working with Helping Education has been knowing that she and the rest of the team are making a difference in the lives of students and communities. Her commitment to doing work that improves the experiences of students is evident. She says, “I am passionate about creating inclusive, student-centered learning environments where all students have the opportunity to thrive, teachers are supported and empowered, and communities are actively engaged in the educational process. I am committed to working towards equity, excellence, and innovation in education, and I am excited about the possibilities for positive change in the field.”

Anam’s dedication to educational equity, commitment to collaboration, and leadership have strengthened the projects she is involved with. Helping Education is grateful to have Anam on our team and looks forward to continuing to bring about positive change together in the future.