Erin Banks Staff Spotlights

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Staff Spotlight: Dr. Erin Banks
Chief Impact Officer

We are delighted to highlight the work and leadership of Dr. Erin Banks, Chief Impact Officer (CIO) for Helping Education. Erin officially began her work with Helping Education in 2021, when she joined as a member of our Board of Directors. In November of 2022, Erin transitioned to this inaugural CIO role to bolster programmatic impact throughout Charlotte and expand learnings across our organization. Erin’s journey, passion, and dedication to working for a more equitable society is evident for all those who have the honor of working alongside her.

Helping Education’s Founder and CEO, John Begeny, stated: “Getting to know and work with Erin over the past decade has been consistently filled with passionate conversations about improving educational equity and access, ongoing brainstorming and collaboration aimed to further those passions, and authentic laughter and sighs when some levity is needed to keep carrying on. I was thrilled when Erin agreed to join our Board of Directors in 2021, and was repeatedly ‘proven correct’ when her work in that role consistently improved aspects of the organization. I was humbled and honored when Erin accepted our invitation to join Helps Ed Fund as the organization’s first Chief Impact Officer. She brings a multitude of skills and talents for that leadership role, as well as a big heart, an unwavering commitment to equitable education, and a great sense of humor.”   

Dr. Erin Banks continually seeks innovative opportunities to pursue all types of equity within and throughout the larger community of Charlotte. She serves as the Chair of the Neighborhood Revitalization Committee on Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region’s Board of Directors. On this committee she has gathered information and researched critical issues facing unhoused populations and those facing gentrification in Charlotte. Throughout this process, the incredible need to provide access to high-quality educational interventions was evident, particularly so that members of the unhoused community (e.g., adults, neighbors, parents, etc.) could improve their financial understanding and long term opportunities for success. Her work with Habitat is just one example of  Dr. Banks’ commitment to addressing the interconnected and pressing issues that families face. When asked who inspired her to get into social justice and equity work, she replied “My mom, dad, and grandmother instilled in me from a very early age the need to do the right thing and to do it in excellence. They have always fought for and stood in the gap for those who were unable, or did not feel empowered to do so. So, in an effort to continue the legacy of my family and in the spirit of excellence, I feel it is my honor and responsibility to do this work.”

Through her work as Chief Impact Officer, Dr. Banks is creating a legacy of commitment to social justice and equity. She brings years of experience with a range of crucial skills: executive leadership, program management and evaluation, insights on authentic partnership & community empowerment, as well as a passion to support underserved populations. Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. William D. Gibson,  shares his sentiments about Erin:  

“Erin brings a specific and welcomed set of skills to our executive leadership staff, particularly related to strategy implementation that focuses on impact. She shows up every day with a commitment to help the organization do our work better and more efficiently, so that we can continue to inch our way forward and promote educational equity. Erin is an incredibly strong leader who fosters deep collaboration, both inside our organization with staff and teammates, and outside of our organization with vital partners and funders. She’s a joy to work with and brings a bold, optimistic presence to the spaces she occupies, ready to roll up her sleeves and lead by example. This is the kind of person you want in executive leadership and the kind of leader I am proud to partner with.”

Helping Education is fortunate to have Dr. Erin Banks on our executive leadership team and  we look forward to the impact she will continue to make further supporting students, families, and communities throughout North Carolina and beyond.