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Amy Lau Named Deputy Director of K-12 Programs

From Staff Reports

(May 1, 2023)

Effective, May 1, 2023, Amy Lau has been named Deputy Director of K-12 Programs of Helping Education. Previously, Amy served as Program Trainer and Coach for K-12, with focused support in both our Triangle region and emerging work in New York City.

“Amy's experiences as a classroom teacher and coach are one of the many assets she brings to the K-12 team,” said Amy Mattingly, Director of K-12 Programs. “She creates a culture of trust and innovation through her collaborative leadership with both Helping Education staff and our community partners.”

As Deputy Director of K-12 Programs, Amy will work closely with Amy Mattingly, Director of K-12 Programs, to manage and implement ongoing and emerging work across Wake County and other select counties of North Carolina. She will continue to support programmatic efforts that are unfolding in New York City. This new position is the first of similar planned organizational shifts to better accommodate the growing program support of Helping Education more strategically, while focusing on implementing efficiencies and processes that help us scale impact in meaningful ways.

“We are pleased to name Amy Lau in this new Deputy Director role,” said William D. Gibson, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “Amy brings unique skills and a collaborative posture to the team. This new position is in response to both existing program needs and emerging support as our organization continues to improve our abilities to work more efficiently and effectively with our vital partners and community collaborators. We are committed to aligning our organizational structure to meet the needs of the communities in which we work,” concluded Gibson.

K-12 programing opportunities continue to expand in North Carolina from our current 9 counties, as we focus on partnerships in additional districts, counties, and regions during the 2023-2024 school year. We are also committed to maintaining and scaling programmatic impact for the many students and schools within New York City.