Our Model

We work to transform trajectories through research-supported approaches and practical implementation.

The Next Chapter:
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Early Education

Our early literacy programming is designed to target a child's reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. We equip educators and caregivers with strategically developed curriculum, activities, and literacy materials that spark enthusiasm for reading and nurture a love of books during a child's formative years.

Academic Foundations

Our programs maximize students' academic potential by providing research-supported literacy programs that have been proven to meaningfully impact student outcomes. We support students with evidence-based curriculum that strengthens students' fundamental reading skills — such as reading fluency and confidence. Research has shown that early literacy success is critical, as students who are not proficient in reading by the end of 3rd grade are far less likely to graduate high school and achieve success in college than their peers. By collaborating closely with parents and caregivers, classroom teachers, reading specialists, and volunteers, we help strengthen students' academic support network.

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Family Literacy

We empower parents and caregivers to transform the read-aloud experience and share the joy of reading with their children. Our evidence-based materials are specifically designed to support families as they create enriching literacy environments at home, simultaneously strengthening their own literacy skills and habits and their children’s. As part of our work to expand access to populations previously excluded from high-quality programs, we provide our programs within historically underserved communities and with parents who are currently incarcerated. We recognize the unique challenges faced by families with an incarcerated parent and actively seek partnerships to provide tailored literacy classes and resources in these situations.

Quality Educational Programs

All of our programs are thoughtfully designed to ensure every student, from birth through adulthood, has the tools to thrive in a more just society