Our Mission

We equip learners of all ages to build new trajectories and achieve lifelong success through evidence-based literacy programs.

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About Us

Helping Education was founded more than ten years ago with the goal to create evidence-based academic programming that meaningfully impacted student learning. We established this program to provide high-quality, research-backed resources and curriculum to students in historically neglected schools and communities, helping to close educational disparities and create a more just educational landscape.

A decade later, we’ve grown from a small, volunteer-based project to a nonprofit of over 50 staff members. We have continued to deepen our collaborations with schools while evolving and expanding our reach to include family initiatives for reading in the home, teacher, and volunteer coaching, and programs in partnership with community-based organizations and state correctional facilities. Through each of our programs, students foster academic confidence and reading fluency with a low-barrier, engaging curriculum and effective teaching practices. We see education as a catalyst for empowerment and opportunity for students, their families, and their families, as well as the wider community.

Core Values

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We illuminate effective strategies for families and educators to meaningfully advance learning outcomes.

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We promote a culture of innovation, inquiry, and mutual respect.

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We partner strategically with community stakeholders to move the needle further and faster in promoting equity and student outcomes.

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We seek to reflect and celebrate the diverse populations with which we partner and represent.

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We are committed to leveling the playing field by serving communities that have previously been excluded from high-quality, enriching learning environments.

Join a movement to close the education gap

Keep up with our work as we provide high-quality, low-barrier, research-backed programs that foster students’ academic skills and build on their strengths.