Reem Salah Named Grants and Contracts Manager for Advancement

From Staff Reports

(May 1, 2023)

Effective, May 1, 2023, Reem Salah has been named Grants and Contracts Manager for our Advancement Team. Previously, Reem served as HELPS Implementation Coach and Business Operations Assistant.

“Reem is an incredible asset to our organization,” said Jennifer Copeland, Director of Advancement. “I am delighted to have her in this new role. We are grateful for her dedication, attention to detail, and passion for our work and the organization’s mission. This new role will strengthen our infrastructure and further expand our team’s capacity as we work to advance learning outcomes and promote equity in education.”

As the Grants and Contracts Manager, Reem will work more directly as a part of our Advancement team and become a bridge liaison for our financial management systems. In this new role, she will manage all grants, contracts, and invoicing, while tracking associated progress and financial reporting. This new role is reconfigured to include prior operations needs of the organization related to program material support for all Helping Education programs.

“It is a pleasure to name Reem Salah as the Grants and Contracts Manager for Advancement,” said William D. Gibson, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “Reem is a wonderful team member and it has been a joy to collaborate with her through our Administration and Operations team. This collaboration will continue, with a more strategic focus on managing the many details of our grants, contracts, and reporting protocol for the organization, as we continue to steward our relationships and funding well,” concluded Gibson.

The Grants and Contracts Manager position is in response to the need to realign organizational infrastructure in ways which leverage operational efficiencies and best practices. Helping Education is committed to operational standards that align with our mission and especially our commitment to offer our programs for free or at the lowest costs possible.