Systems-Oriented Plan for Academic Achievement (SOPAA)


Utilizing our Systems-Oriented Plan for Academic Achievement (SOPAA) approach and evidence-based guidebook, we offer schools, school districts, and other educational organizations various levels of support and coaching to enhance their existing systems for assisting students with learning difficulties. Specifically, we focus on systems to support students who struggle to learn foundational skills in reading, writing or math. 

Our approach is collaborative, context-informed, and strategic as we collectively work to assess, enhance, and sustain systems-level effectiveness and efficiency. 

We work with schools that have varying strengths, needs, resources, and organizational structures. For example, we often support schools attempting to benefit from models such as RTI or MTSS. Although a school may have an RTI or MTSS model in place, the actual systems within that model can almost always be enhanced in order to support all students’ learning and ultimately to offer more equitable education and opportunity. Our SOPAA approach can help to achieve such enhancements. 

Accessing the SOPAA Materials and Getting More Information

Assessing, enhancing, and sustaining effective school-wide (or organization-wide) systems to support all students’ learning is worth the time investment but undoubtedly complex. Because there are many aspects of our SOPAA approach that could be informative to those with interest in learning more, Helping Education offers a website that focuses specifically on our SOPAA approach. On that website ( you can access more detailed information and resources pertaining to SOPAA. 

You can also contact us at any time if you would like to talk with someone from our team about our SOPAA approach and how it may benefit the educators, students, and communities you work with.