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Ben Iuliano

Implementation Coach

Raised in Charlotte, Ben (he/him) has always been focused on pursuing his passions and helping others to do so. He loved participating in and leading mission trips in both high school and college. In 2018, he graduated from UNCC with a B.A. in Communications and Spanish in order to work with others and help them to break down barriers of language and inequality.

Ben joined Helping Education as a HELPS tutor in March 2021. He knew he wanted to pursue opportunities that allowed him to give back to the community by bridging gaps and breaking down barriers between all kinds of people around the world. He is very passionate about music, which is another medium in which he uses to bond groups of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Throughout his time at UNCC, he participated in food drives, service events for veterans, and educational opportunities for teaching elementary students in linguistics, such as teaching elementary students in Spain. In March of 2021, he began to tutor elementary students online with Helping Education. He later became an Implementation Coach and Site Coordinator in November of 2021.

In his free time, Ben loves to do acts of service and help out the community, with a particular interest in music therapy. He also loves to spend his time performing music in public, recording music at home, playing music with others, going out with his friends, traveling, and trying new things.