Our Team


Jasmine Fuentes

Project Manager and Implementation Coach

Jasmine joined Helping Education as a tutor in October 2018. She always loved helping others from mission trips, tutoring, and initiating food drives. Coming from a military household with parents from Israel and Mexico, she has experienced public school education in many different locations and is keenly aware of the impact of illiteracy and low test scores. Schools that are not properly equipped to service the learning needs of their student population are at risk of funding limitations, teacher layoffs, and graduating children that are poorly equipped to survive in the fast-paced, global world. After three months of being a tutor, Jasmine was given the opportunity to become a HELPS Implementation Coach and Site Coordinator.

Before Helping Education, Jasmine received a B.S. in Psychology from UNC-Wilmington and began an internship right after with Disney World. She worked for Disney World for two and half years before moving back to North Carolina and eventually joining Helping Education. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing video games.