HELPS One-on-One Training

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Register to attend an upcoming HELPS One-on-One training by completing the form above.

Note that the training is virtual. The presenter and attendees will connect through commonly used virtual meeting software, such as Zoom or Google Meet.

The HELPS One-on-One program can be implemented face-to-face (teacher and student in the same room) or in a virtual setting (via a virtual meeting software). Implementation procedures are nearly the same and both will be covered in the training.

As part of the training, each participant will receive:

  • HELPS One-on-One Set which includes:
    • One HELPS One-on-One Teacher’s Manual
    • One HELPS Teacher Passages
    • One HELPS Student Passages
  • Digital access to virtual folder tool

Upcoming Training Dates and Times:

  • Online training:
    • Saturday, February 17, 2024 | 9am -12pm EST (REGISTRATION CLOSED)
    • Monday, May 20, 2024 | 4pm-7pm EST (REGISTRATION CLOSED)
    • Friday, August 9, 2024 | 12pm-3pm EST
    • Saturday, November 9, 2024 | 9-12pm EST