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The Motheread/Fatheread (MR/FR) program includes 29 thoroughly developed and research-supported lessons that help parents/caregivers to enhance their literacy skills in four key areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. MR/FR lessons also emphasize the importance of reading regularly to children. Parents/caregivers not only learn the “why” of reading with their children, but also the “how.”  They learn how to share stories and themes with children in engaging ways that will help to enhance their vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. MR/FR lessons utilize children’s books as well as adult literature to encourage parents/caregivers and children to make connections between stories and their own experiences.

Motheread/Fatheread, like all other programs offered by Helping Education, is evidence-based and research-supported. Over the past three decades, development and evaluation of MR/FR has engaged scholars, education experts, and researchers who have helped to make its adult and child instructional models and curriculum design relevant, meaningful, and effective. 

The Motheread/Fatheread Institute is a 20 hour training program that prepares educators to implement MR/FR programs with parents to teach literacy skills as well as the importance of reading regularly with their children.

The total time of training is 20 hours.  

Training takes place across 3 days.

As part of the training, each participant will receive:

  • CEU’s from North Carolina State University
  • The Motheread/Fatheread materials, including a Teacher’s Guide with: 1) lessons designed for adults that can be used in the classroom and 2) numerous supplements that parents can use in the home with their children, aged birth through elementary-school.

Please note: Upon completion of training, participants will be certified to facilitate Motheread/Fatheread classes, but are not permitted to train other individuals to facilitate the program. The Motheread/Fatheread curriculum does not support a Train the Trainer model.

As part of the training, each participant will receive:

Upcoming Training Dates and Times:

  • Online training: